"Hula ka poʻe i ke kau kupulau ma Hilo."

Translation:The people dance hula in the spring in Hilo.

December 4, 2018



This is true.

December 4, 2018


(The town of Hilo) Link: https://www.hawaii.com/big-island/places/hilo/

Hilo is best know for the annual Merrie Monarch Feastival, a week-long Hawaiian cultural event and hula competition dedicated to King David Kalakaua who inspired the perpetuation of Hawaiian arts, hula, and native language among his people.

i ke kau kupulau = in the spring

i ke kau wela = in the summer

i ke kau hāʻulelau = in the fall

i ke kau hoʻoilo = in the winter

March 3, 2019
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