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"Hula ka poʻe i ke kau kupulau ma Hilo."

Translation:The people dance hula in the spring in Hilo.

December 4, 2018



(The town of Hilo) Link: https://www.hawaii.com/merrie-monarch/ Hilo is best know for the annual Merrie Monarch Feastival, a week-long Hawaiian cultural event and hula competition dedicated to King David Kalakaua who inspired the perpetuation of Hawaiian arts, hula, and native language among his people.

i ke kau kupulau = in the spring

i ke kau wela = in the summer

i ke kau hāʻulelau = in the fall

i ke kau hoʻoilo = in the winter


My translation of “The people dance in the spring at Hilo” was marked incorrect. I live in Hawai’i. If you ask someone if they “dance,” it is understood you mean hula. Also, my kumu ‘ōlelo said hula is translated as “dance” and any other kind of dancing is “hulahula.”


I wrote "The people dance hula in the spring at Hilo. Please note the FIRST dictionary translation of "ma." ma - prep. Indefinite locative, instrumental, manner. At, in, on, beside, along, through;


Hula means dance, not just dance the hula, so " the people dance ... " should be accepted.


I repeat a portion of my previous reply: my kumu ‘ōlelo said hula is translated as “dance” and any other kind of dancing is “hulahula.”

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