French Grammar: Tips and Notes "Update"

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Bonjour tout le monde,

In an effort to make the Tips and Notes available to everyone I, Sitesurf, in collaboration with CommeuneTexane, have combed through all the Tips and Notes from the French volunteer Trees 2&3. We have revised and updated them, and added additional notes. We'd like to extend our sincere thanks to DXLi as the original author of many of the grammar notes, as well as to GeorgeofTruth for his contributions in the new skills in Tree3. Those of you who have other French Trees may still find this guide useful as the sections are labeled both by skill and by content.

We will post the different sections gradually, which may take a little time, but we hope that their content will satisfy the forbearance of grammar aficionados.

Bon apprentissage sur Duolingo !

Sitesurf & CommeuneTexane

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Unit in Tree 3 Name in Tree 3 Description
U01 Basics 1 Genders, Personal Subject Pronouns, Subject-Verb Agreement
U02 Basics 2 Articles, Elisions, Contractions, Words beginning with H
U03 Common Phrases Bonjour, Idioms, Liaisons, Enchaînement, Il y a
U04 Plurals 1 Plurals, Plural Articles, Plural Pronouns & Verbs, Agreement, Tu or Vous
U05 Gallicism C’est or Il est, Idioms with Avoir
U06 Basics 3 Être & Avoir, Continuous Tenses
U07 Food 1 Partitive Article, Count Noun or Mass Noun, Omitted Articles, De + Definite Article
U08 Animals 1 Noun Genders, Feminine Animals
U09 Weather 1 Impersonal Expressions, Il fait, Il y a
U10 Adjectives 1 Agreement, Placement, Figurative, Euphony
U11 Plurals 2 Nouns & Adjectives, Articles, Conjugations, Punctuation
U12 Clothing Idiomatic Plurals, Diacritics, Nasal Vowels
U13 Colors Nouns & Adjectives
U14 Possessives 1 Possessive Adjectives, Euphony, Femme & Fille
U15a Verbs: Present 1 Conjugations, Pronunciation, Infinitives after conjugations: Appreciation
U15b Verbs: Present 1 Il faut/Aller/Movement/Opinion/Ability/Perception, More about Il faut
U15c Verbs: Present 1 Confusing Verbs, One Each or One Shared, Ah l’amour
U16 Demonstratives 1 Demonstrative Adjectives, Ça/Ça or Ce
U17 Conjunctions 1 Coordinating Conjunctions
U18 Questions Inversions, Est-ce que, Intonation, Interrogative Adjectives/Pronouns/Adverbs
U19 Pronouns On, Direct Object Pronouns, En, Y, Relative Pronouns, Reflexive Se
U20 Adjectives Multiple Adjectives, Grand or Gros, Faux-Amis
U21 Verbs: Present 2 Group 3 Verbs, Transitive & Intransitive, Confusing Verbs
U22 Prepositions 1 De & À, Articles after De, Des before Adjectives
U23 Numbers 1 Zéro to Vingt, Uses of Un
U24 Family Refresher: C’est or Il est
U25 Possessives 2 Possessive Pronouns
U26 Demonstratives 2 Ceci or Cela, Ce or Cela, Demonstrative Pronouns/+Relative Pronoun/+Preposition, Comparisons
U27 Time Close Future, Dates, Jour or Journée, Telling Time ]
U28 Verbs: Infinitive 1 Infinitive Mood, Without Prepositions, With Prepositions, After Nouns, After Adjectives, Causative Faire
U29 Adverbs 1 Placement, Comparatives & Superlatives, Bon/Bien/Mauvais/Mal
U30 Near Time Near Future, Recent Past
U31 Occupations Professions as Adjectives, Genders
U32 Negations Ne… Pas/Plus/Jamais/Rien/Personne/Aucun, Negative Pronouns & Conjunctions, Word order, Notes
U33 Conjunctions 2 Subordinating Conjunctions, Temporal/Causal, Elisions with Si & Que
U34 Adverbs 2 Construction, Adverbs with Negations
U35 Verbs: Compound Past 1 Auxiliaries, Past Participles, Agreement, Using the PC
U36 House 1 No Notes
U37 Objects Cognates, Noun of Noun
U38 Adjectives 3 Determiners, Indefinite Adjectives, Comparatives & Superlatives, Bon/Bien/Mauvais
U39 Prepositions 2 Temporal, Duration, References, Puzzling Prepositions, Peu
U40 Places 1 Spatial Prepositions, Special Rules: Cities & Countries
U41 Verbs: Compound Past 2 Être Verbs + Direct Objects, Past Participles as Adjectives, Advanced Participle Agreement, C’est in the PC
U42 House 2 No Notes
U43 Irregular Plurals Plurals ending in -x
U44 People Nationality Nouns & Adjectives
U45a Verbs: Present 3 Pronominal Verbs, Pronoun Order, Verbs with À & De
U45b Verbs: Present 3 Y = À + Thing, Confusing Verbs
U46 Countries No Notes
U47 Verbs: Pronominal Reciprocal/Subjective/Passive Pronominal Verbs, Objects & Agreement
U48 Verbs: Past Imperfect Conjugation, Translations, Using the Imperfect, States or Situations, Actions or Processes, Habit or Repeated Actions, combining the Imperfect with the PC
U49 Directions No notes
U50 Numbers 2 Vingt to Milliards
U51 Animals 2 No Notes
U52 Compound Past 3 No Notes
U53 Places 2 No Notes
U54 Feelings 1 No Notes
U55 Possessives 3 Possessive Pronouns
U56 Demonstratives 3 Demonstrative Pronouns + Suffixes -ci & -là
U57 Body Body Parts with Definite Articles
U58 Adjectives 4 Participles as Adjectives, Neuf vs Nouveau
U59a Pronouns 2 Direct, Indirect, Disjunctive Objects, Quelque
U59b Pronouns 2 Indirect Objects and Y, Indirect Objects and EN
U60 Verbs: Infinitive 2 Infinitives as Subjects, Polite Orders, Impersonal Expressions with À or De, Register, Faire vs Rendre
U61 Abstract Objects 1 Expressing Obligations and Needs
U62 Communication No Notes
U63 Adverbs 3 Placement, Confusing Words: Actuellement/Effectivement/Définitivement, Ne… que
U64 Abstract Objects 2 No Notes
U65 Compound Past 4 No Notes
U66 Food 2 No Notes
U67 Infinitive 3 Impersonal Expressions, Causative Faire, Past Participle Usage, Confusing Verbs
U68 Passive Voice Construction & Uses, Passive PC
U69 Prepositions 3 Long List, Confusing Prepositions
U70 Adjectives 5 No Notes
U71 Infinitive 4 No Notes
U72 Abstract Objects 3 No Notes
U73 Verbs: Pluperfect Construction, Être Verbs, Nuances
U74 Nature No Notes
U75 Materials No Notes
U76 Arts No Notes
U77 Verbs: Future Conjugations, Conjunctions of Time
U78 Measures Être De
U79 Weather 2 No Notes
U80 Adverbs 4 No Notes
U81 Medical No Notes
U82 Verbs: Subjunctive Present Rules & Trends, Conjugations
U83 Politics No Notes
U84 Feelings 2 No Notes
U85 Education No Notes
U86 Imperative Formation, With Object Pronouns, Irregular Forms, Negative, Pronominal
U87a Conditional Formation, Hypotheses with “si”, Polite Requests and Wishes, Regrets & Preferences
U87b Conditional Future time in the Past, Possibilities & Uncertainty, Needs, Obligations & Advice
U88 Science No Notes
U89 Past Conditional Formation, Past si Clauses, Regrets and Criticisms, Unconfirmed News
U90 Present Participle As Adjectives or Nouns, As Verbs, Perfect Participle, Passive, Gerunds
U91 Technology No Notes
U92 Transportation No Notes
U93 Subjunctive Past Refresher, Conjugation, Sequence of Events
U94 Economics No notes
U95 Sports No notes
U96 Spiritual No notes
Extra Moods in Verbs Infinitive, Indicative, Participles, Subjunctive, Imperative, Conditional
Extra Personal and Impersonal constructions Il est + adjective + À or De + Infinitive
Extra C'est / Ce sont Nature, form & construction of Ce, Used when followed by, In specific Figures of Speech, Il est/Elle est/Ils sont/Elles sont
Extra Aimer Aimer, aimer bien, adorer, and other appreciation verbs
Extra Punctuation French punctuation
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