"एक हफ़्ते में सात दिन होते हैं।"

Translation:There are seven days in a week.

December 4, 2018

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Would this also be correct? "A week has seven days."


It should be, yes.


don't we all know that "a week has seven days" maybe the Duolingo guy thinks that we are kindergarden


They are giving those questions because they think it is too hard for us to translate the sentence in Hindi


I think this was a great question for learning some basics. I am confused by--but accept, of course--the plural form "haftē" after "aik" (and the same case for "Aik mahinē mein char haftē hotē hain.") Hopefully, I will understand it better after learning about the oblique case (or something else).


You've guessed right that it has to do with the oblique case. Though the words हफ़्ता and महीना happen to have singular oblique case forms that are the same as the plural direct case forms, these concepts are different.


Thanks! I think the lesson on the oblique case is coming up soon for me.


can you please give some complicated questions cause it's too easy

[deactivated user]

    One week or a week Both are right


    Is सप्ताह not a more common way of saying week?


    सप्ताह (a latter-day borrowing from Sanskrit) is a more 'formal word' so it would be more common in written Hindi and formal speech. हफ़्ता (borrowed from Persian) is more common in colloquial speech.

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