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  5. "She does not want."

"She does not want."

Translation:ʻAʻole ʻo ia makemake.

December 4, 2018



Why "Makemake ka poʻe" then "ʻAʻole ʻo ia makemake?" Does the ʻAʻole cause the verb and subject to reverse?


Figured it out. The pronouns go between ʻaʻole and makemake, but not nouns like Ka poʻe.


Sorry, DA Burnside, misread your comment initially ... again, thanks for the explanation.


"Figure it out"? This is not a mystery game ... would have been nice to have received the rules re: grammar up front rather than learning blindly by trial and error--and I say that as a teacher. Still, thank you for explaining what might have taken some of us a few frustrating hours to "figure out."

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