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"मैं जुलाई में दिल्ली जा रही हूँ।"

Translation:I am going to Delhi in July.

December 4, 2018



In English this sentence has a future meaning: it means "I'm going to go to Delhi in July." Does the Hindi mean the same thing?


Yes it does. It means the same thing (future implication)


Why is everyone always going to Delhi? Are there no other places to go!


Delhi is a big city. Won't fill up so quick as you want.

Which other big city do you want to fill next, as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted?


What about Kalkutta? or Mumbay? There are big cities too. Or not?


Define big. Is "Kalkutta" bigger than Delhi? Is 'Mumbay' smaller than Tokyo?

Are there other big cities in the world or have we exhausted the possible list already? I hope so, because then we can get back to learning Hindi. :-)

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