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  5. "They meet in the Great Hall."

"They meet in the Great Hall."

Translation:vaS'a'Daq ghom chaH.

December 4, 2018



What is the purpose of 'a' here? Why not: vaSDaq?


vaS is a hall.

vaS'a' is the Great Hall -- not just any hall but a particular, important one: https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Great_Hall


Thank you! Right! I remember now, same suffix as in qep'a'! I haven't watched tng in many years (and stopped watching star trek after tng until Discovery came), I will be rewatching it soon :)


I remember now, same suffix as in qep'a'!

That's the one ::)


Why this and not "vaS'a'Daq lughom"? And how does "ghom" go with chaH?


The sentence "They meet" has no Object, (the place they meet is not an Object in this sentence). The {lu-} prefix is for specifying a singular Object, so it is not right here. The lack of prefix can mean a few Subject/Object combinations so as there is no prior context the pronoun is included for clarity.


vaS'a'Daq lughom would mean "they meet him / her / it in the Great Hall".

But in this sentence, there is no object -- they just "meet (encountable, assemble, rendezvous)", rather than "meeting someone". So the prefix for "they - none" is used, which is no prefix.

chaH is the subject of ghom. It's not grammatically necessary.


Oh, that's right. I was thinking that lu- is used both for transitive and intransitive verbs. I just forgot that it is only used with direct objects. Thanks!

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