Any tips for Polish?


I'm new to Polish and I was wondering if there was anything I should know!

December 4, 2018


It’s a beautiful, at times a difficult language. Enjoy your journey.

December 4, 2018

Thank you!

December 4, 2018

-Well there aren't any Tips&Notes at all past the first checkpoint, I was only able to progress beyond that because I have studied Czech so I could figure out the grammar etc.

You will need to scour the internet a lot to find notes/documents etc that are relevant to the skill you want to learn

In the end it was frustrating so I just quit, will not return until they have Tips&Notes. Which will apparently come with the new 2.0 tree

-This website is quite good for grammar

- is good for verb conjugation

-And finally listen to Rokiczanka to immerse yourself in some Polish folk music XD

December 4, 2018


December 4, 2018

And finally listen to Rokiczanka to immerse yourself in some Polish folk music

You'd rather be careful with your song selection for the immersion... otherwise you may end up talking like a peasant from outskirts of civilisation :)

Here is my transcription of the first verse of "Rokiczanka - W moim ogródecku" which admittedly is sang in some regional slang:

W moim ogródecku rośnie rózycka,
Napój mi paniusiu mego kónicka,
Nie chcę nie napoję bo się kónia boję,
Bo się kónia boję, bom jesce młoda.

Nie chce nie na poi, bo się kónia boi,
Bo się kónia boi, bo jesce młoda. (x2)

The above, in the "proper" language looks (or, should I say, sounds) like this:

W moim ogródeczku rośnie różyczka,
Napój mi paniusiu mego koniczka,
Nie chcę nie napoję bo się konia boję,
Bo się konia boję, bom jeszcze młoda.

Nie chce nie napoi, bo się konia boi,
Bo się konia boi, bo jeszcze młoda.

Compare and draw your own conclusions... and even with the proper version there are constructs that are not that common in the nowadays Polish.

If I were to suggest something that does lend itself for language learning then I would point you to "Stare Dobre Małżeństwo", for example:
SDM - Jak

their pronouncation is impacable with all those hard/difficult sz, cz, rz ...

December 6, 2018

Hahaha I know, but those traditional folk songs sound hundredfolds wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than modern music. The only modern polish singers I like are probably Bednarek and Mesajah. So while studying usually will have songs like "A cyje to konie" ,"hej sokoły", "w moim ogródecku" etc playing in the background.

Besides there is nothing wrong with adopting/understanding regional dialects instead of just speaking the standard (book) language. If you live in Brno you don't want to only speak standard Czech you'd want to learn to speak some central Moravian dialect

If you're living in Bavaria, you'd want so speak Bavarian and sound like a local instead of only speaking High German.

If you're gonna live in Northern Germany for years, you might want to start learning "Plattdeutsch". If you want to live in Switzerland.... , you get my point.

December 6, 2018

If you like Mesajah, maybe you will also like "Tabu" ;) just wanted to contribute another excellent Polish artist, love the new stuff I find here.

January 2, 2019

Slavic language learner huh? Nice!

December 6, 2018

As you will have noticed, many Polish words undergo "declension", according to gender, plurality, case. Some words follow patterns, which you will pick up as you go along, and some just seem to have a crazed mind all of their own.

To find the declension of a Polish word:

(this is just how I've got used to doing it - you will probably work out a different/better/quicker way on your own)

1) Copy/paste/rightclick/type/whatever the word to google it

2) leave a space after the word in that same google search box, and then type/paste "declension"

3) Click/press enter

4) Hope that a wiktionary page shows up in the list containing a declension table for the word.

-- Apart from all that, and in general, go through the individual lesson discussion pages religiously - it's full of useful tips from great moderators, contributors and other helpful people.

You will enjoy it. It can seem tricky, but keep going, and you will love the little Eureka!! moments :)

December 4, 2018

this is a brilliant tip... I had been writing them down as I found them... this is much, much better..... Dziekuje bardzo :)

December 6, 2018

You are welcome! I'm glad I suggested it, then. Keep writing things down and taking notes, too, of course. :)

December 7, 2018

Me too, I learn polish since 2015. and I speak with my grandma.

December 5, 2018

This may not be a tip, it's rather my opinion. I think it'll be easier to learn Czech first and then learn Polish. I think Czech is easier to start with, and since both are slavic languages, it'll be easier to learn Polish.

December 6, 2018

Czech is as similar to Polish as German to English. If you really want to find a language similar to Polish then you would be better of with: Slovak, Ukrainian or even Russian.

But then again, learning two languages is harder than learning one, so...

December 6, 2018

That is true. I live 3km from Poland, and they say that they understand more Slovak than Czech.

December 7, 2018

Don't be afraid to make mistakes if you start talking with natives. You will make A LOT of them. And Polish people will respect you for learning a complex language like theirs.

January 2, 2019
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