"Aia ka ʻaha mele ma ka Pōʻahia?"

Translation:The concert is on what day of the week?

December 4, 2018

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Aia ka ʻaha mele ma ka pōʻahia? =The concert is on what day?

Aia ka ʻaha mele ma ka Pōʻaono. = The concert is on Saturday.

{Nā lā o ka pule = The Days of the Week}

  1. ʻekahi - Monday = ka Pōʻakahi

  2. ʻelua - Tuesday = ka Pōʻalua

  3. ʻekolu - Wednesday = ka Pōʻakolu

  4. ʻehā - Thursday = ka Pōʻahā

  5. ʻelima - Friday = ka Pōʻalima

  6. ʻeono - Saturday = ka Pōʻaono

Sunday = ka Lāpule

Which DAY? = ka pōʻahia?


Thanks RonRGB that's helpful!!


Pōʻahia/Lā ʻehia? Hmh?


Traditionally, Hawaiians counted nights instead of days. That is why 6 of 7 days of the week in Hawaiian start as Pō instead of Lā.


Has anyone researched on pre-contact names for days/nights Hawaiianʻs used? Maybe the phases of the moon and the names given each day/night that adds up to 30 ish days/nights? Perhaps seasons was another factor given towards names of days/nights? I donʻt think Hawaiians or Polynesians thought in sequences of 7 but more in sequences of 10 etc.


The names for the phases of the moon are in the dictionary.
The concept of a seven day week is an influence Abrahamic religions like Christianity. Pre-contact Polynesians did not count days like that. A 10 day period in Hawaiian is anahulu, related to the word 10 in other languages like sefulu in Samoan and 'ahuru in Tahitian.


Another clarification if any? Are both used equally staying within the sentence structure? Or can you mix Pō with Lā ie. ʻO ka lā ʻehia ka huakaʻi? Ma ka pō ʻahā.


What day is the song fest? Ma ka pōʻahia ka ʻaha mele? Does that seem right?


Grammar! The concert is on WHICH day of the week, not what day of the week.


From what i've seen the Hawaiian duo team seem to be trying to enforce as literal and idiom free translations as possible - they could of course just invest in actually writing up tips & notes to explain in linguistic terms the differences between a germanic language and a polynesian one (like most other out-of-beta duolingo courses do)


I don't see the difference


why is on what day is the concert incorrect?

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