"He is a bad man."

Translation:वह एक बुरा आदमी है।

December 5, 2018

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I gave the above answer and was marked as incorrect. The answer without the ek was given to me as the correct answer.

[deactivated user]

    I don't know why but I put the right thing in, but the correct answer was "he is a bad man, he is a bad man". What?? I think Duolingo glitched, but nevertheless, I lost a heart. Please fix this >:(


    can I not use यह in this sentence? I thought that for translating he and she यह and वह we're interchangeable.


    When you use yaha (dont have the hindi keyboard) then it means "This man is bad"


    Why can't it be ahdimi buri hi


    "buri" refers to the female gender. For eg, if the given sentence was "She is a bad woman", it would have been translated as "वह एक बुरी औरत है ।" Here woman is औरत

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