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"O inverno vai de novembro a fevereiro."

Translation:The winter is from November to February.

April 4, 2013



Unless you live in Scotland, in which case it is from September to June!


Or in Brazil, when it is from June to about July. Months may vary depending on region. : )


If you want the winter as in from solstice to equinox, It's December 20th or so to March 20th or so


In the northern hemisphere, anyway!


Seems like there would be (at least) four ways to say "The winter is from November to February, unless I'm mistaken. I'm not sure if one can mix them up that way.

  • O inverno vai de novembro até fevereiro
  • O inverno vai de novembro a fevereiro
  • O inverno é de novembro até fevereiro
  • O inverno é de novembro a fevereiro


The first two examples are more common and natural =)


Ah, okay. Thank you!!


Actually all the ways in which you wrote can be used


In Portuguese, is the article ("o" in this case) always necessary before a noun at the beginning of the sentence (like in Spanish)?

Or could this sentence also simply mean "Winter is from November to February"?



In Portguese it is better to include the article as much as possible, different from English...


"The winter is going from november to february".

Is this possible in English for a valid answer or PT translation?


Ummm, doesn't sound too good for me (though I don't really know if it is accepted in the course), for me it just sounds better "the winter is from November to February" or "the winter goes from November to February".


The winter in America may run from November to february, but down here in Brazil (where I'm aiming to expand on my Brazilian Portuguese) it generally runs from March/April until September. It's a little confusing to me, hearing in a southern hemisphere language that seasons where the language being spoken are opposite of when they actually are. Perhaps these translation-requests can be fixed to include the words "...in North America...", to assist English-speaking learners who are or will be living/visiting Brazil? Thanks, gang :)


Portuguese is not strictly a southern hemisphere language - Brazil may be the largest country that speaks Portuguese but it's not the only one.


Brazilian Portuguese is strictly a southern hemisphere language sir, as Brazilian Portuguese is in fact Brazilian. This course is specifically developed to teach Brazilian Portuguese, which is why I made the comment I did. (whilst mentioning Brazilian Portuguese specifically for the sake of clarity)

Thanks for your post. Portuguese is one of the most-spoken languages in the world, and yes of the countries who speak it Brazil is the largest in both population and land mass. Spring is hot here in my region this year, with many days already seeing mid-thirties Celsius! (today is October 13/2020)

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