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"She fingers the holes of the musical instrument."

Translation:qungmey Heng.

December 5, 2018



Not QoQ jan qungmey Heng?


Since Heng seems to only be used for musical instruments, it is not necessary to add QoQ jan, but it is not wrong to do so. It is already listed as an accepted translation. What made you ask?


The multiple choice exercise had "qungmey Heng" as the correct answer (the other options made no sense), and it's a bit surprising when you're expecting a longer sentence.


It's the reverse of when people say, "Why is there no word for ...?" Do you think Klingons learning English ask, "Why is there no word for Heng? Isn't there any easier way to say it than, {finger part of a musical instrument}?"


So, on the flip side of this, the exercise where we are to translate {qungmey Heng} into English, the answer is "She fingers the holes" and if you add "of the musical instrument" you get marked wrong.

So why is one translation ok going one direction but not the other?


The software should not be capable of doing that. The "best" phrases in the two languages are locked together. If you get rejected again, please report it as "my answer should be accepted" or take a screen shot and post a link here.

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