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  5. "nā wāhine"

" wāhine"

Translation:the women

December 5, 2018



Does anyone know why wahine becomes wâhine in the plural when other words don't?


This is a good question. Most words don't change in spelling or pronunciation when made plural. It just so happens that wāhine (and some other words like it) are exceptions to the rule. We've already seen wahine -> wāhine. A couple more examples are kaikamahine -> kaikamāhine and makua -> mākua. Definitely check out the Tips & Notes section (the lightbulb button that appears when you click on a skill, on the web only, unfortunately) for more grammar-related info.


Similar to why they use nā instead of ke or ka. It's their way of using an s to state a plural.


Keep updating! Still waiting to hear pronunciations.


make more hawian lessons so i can learn more i'm amazing at this!


My answer was correct bur it was still wrong

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