"Unity is good."

Translation:Persatuan itu baik.

December 5, 2018

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i still don't understand when duolingo wants us to use bagus and when they want us to use baik. Why can't bagus be accepted here?


Me neither. Why is bagus wrong in this case?


I had the same question. Did some googling and found some explanations: Bagus: simply means "good", used when describing things Baik: infers kindness/moral qualities on top of goodness, used when describing intangible or innate qualities


Hmm, so would /bagus/ be more commonly used of concrete things (i.e. people, material objects), whereas /baik/ is more commonly used of abstract things, concepts, and actions?


Yes, generally 'bagus' for the goodness of inanimate things and 'baik' for internal goodness qualities of people and animals ... or so I understand.


So, I'll remember "bags are good" and that will help to remember to use "bagus" for nouns.


Why is the itu needed in this sentence?


Good question.

In this example "itu" marks the boundary of the subject, so that a person can distinguish between the subject and the predicate of the sentence. "Ini" and "-nya" are often used similarly.

Without /itu/, we would have /Persatuan baik/, which would mean "Good unity." That would turn the statement into a phrase rather than a grammatically complete sentence. Since Indonesian doesn't always require a copula (i.e. linking verb or form of the verb "to be," usually /adalah/) for simple attributive sentences, adding ini, itu, or -nya at the end of the subject is the way of marking the end of the subject so that a hearer knows this is a complete sentence.

One could just as easily say "Persatuan adalah baik" instead, but "Persatuan itu baik" is a slightly different grammatical construction with the same meaning. "Adalah" doesn't show up as often in everyday speech.


The 'itu' in this sentence could be 'that', if the context is that we are referring to an already mentioned 'unity' ... otherwise it signals that we are talking about 'unity' in general, not any specific 'unity'.

We can't use 'adalah' here because it needs to join two nouns / noun phrases and 'baik' is, of course, an adjective.


persatuan or kesatuan

My Tuttle's Compact Indonesian Dictionary defines persatuan as "union, association" and kesatuan as "unity" .

Yet, kesatuan is not accepted when translating " Unity is good ". Can any Indonesian speaker clear this up for me?



  • The prefix pe- and the affix -an are used to form nouns

  • Persatuan means unity

  • The root is satu which is the number one

  • Other words with this root: bersatu (to unite), satu-satu (one by one)


Would the sentence still be correct with the removal of "itu"


No. If "itu" were removed, then the remaining words would no longer be a sentence. Please see my response to Kanrei listed above for further explanation.


/Persatuan adalah baik./ should also be an acceptable translation, isn't that right?


We can't use 'adalah' here because it needs to join two nouns / noun phrases and 'baik' is, of course, an adjective.


I have just written baik and it was marked wrong I changed it to baik and the answer was bagus What's going on?

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