Tinycards Deck: Japanese Te-Form Practice

Heya folks,

So I just made a Tinycards deck specifically for practice conjugating verbs to their te-forms:

A quick lesson if the concept of te-forms is new to you, or you need to review:

And here's a pretty solid reference chart if you need it:

Details: the deck consists of most of the verbs from the Genki 1 textbook (since I just had them lying around). The front faces are the verbs in Kanji with Japanese pronunciation (which you can mute if you want to practice reading Kanji) and the back faces are just the suffix (e.g. "-って"). Do note that this arrangement makes guessing much more difficult than if I had included the entire conjugated verb :) It's also why I opted not to include all the redundant する verbs and some other compounds, since it'd pollute the pool of backface answers, thus trivializing them. I also have question learners on both sides. (Let me know how you feel about this, since the reverse questions are challenging, though you don't get audio on the kanji answers.)

Corrections and feedback are appreciated. がんばってください!

December 5, 2018


Thanks . Can I ask you how you removed your previous "Genki-verbs" deck from your account's deck view? I mean the deck is visible inside the collection but not outside the collection! How did you do that ? :O

I wanna do it too as my decks are really cluttered :( Your help would be really appreciated. ^^

December 5, 2018

Interesting, that deck actually doesn’t show up in search either, which is not my intention. I think it’s bugged, which is pretty irritating.

As for what you can do, obviously turning a deck private will de clutter your profile for other people, but it’ll still appear for you. I don’t know if you can do anything else besides deletion :/

(EDIT: also, the deck still shows up in my list, anyways, otherwise I’d recommend trying to reproduce the bug, lol)

December 5, 2018

Ha ha..... I wish I could do that! ;)

I checked Duolingo's original decks, they were well organized. Maybe the general public still don't have an option to do that. Guess I'll request for a new feature then! :)

Thanks for your reply and sorry for the delay from my part. I was out of the discussion forum for a while.

December 9, 2018
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