"Eu fervo um ovo."

Translation:I boil an egg.

December 5, 2018

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I'm native. I've never heard this expression 'Eu fervo um ovo'. We always say ' Eu cozinho um ovo'. We say 'ferver' for liquids. For solids we say 'cozinhar'.


Can anyone tell me the difference between "boil an egg"=fervo and "cook an egg"=cozinho? Is there any difference in the meaning? I can't see any.


In this sense, boil an egg = fervo um ovo = cozinho um ovo. (but for eggs it is more common to use "cozinho") "(eu) fervo" is to cook food in boiling water or other liquid. It is more used for liquid, like milk or water: Eu fervo leite = I boil milk "(eu) cozinho" is to cook food in general (not necessarily in water). It is not used for liquids, like water or milk.

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