"E huli hema ma laila."

Translation:Turn left there.

December 5, 2018

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So you use "laila" when talking about something youʻve specified before, and " ʻō" when itʻs something that hasnʻt been mentioned yet?

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    In todayʻs Fun With Dictionaries segment: ʻō "1. There, yonder, beyond (usually visible or pointed to); cf.[compare] laila, usually invisible and anaphoric; often following ma-, i, mai, Graml 8.6). I ʻō i ʻaneʻi/here and there, to and fro." etc. So, yes.


    Yes. Laila when referring to something/someone with a known location and ‘ō when having to point out something/someone with an unknown location.


    Okay didn't the program start off teaching "laila" as "over there"? Or was that "wahi"? I included the "over" because i remembered seeing it somewhere. Clarification?


    Both Laila and ‘Ō mean "over there", I was also confused when it was rejected.


    "Laila" and "'ō" are both "there", and "wahi" is "place".

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