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Help out your fellow learners

I've tried twice to post this and both times it went immediately to -5 votes. I'm starting to wonder if it's a Duolingo robot doing it.

I'd like to point out that the sentences tab of this discussion is backlogged over a month. That is, most of the threads there going back a full month do not have answers. Most of these threads are questions. About 10% have answers.

I know there are some helpful people here. Don't forget about the sentences tab... and scroll back.

December 5, 2018



You know what? When I first started started on Duolingo I looked at the sentence tab and thought "I can't possibly answer those," so clicked away and never looked back. After reading your (three) posts on it I immediately thought "What is this 'sentence' tab of which he speaks?" and lo and behold, did you guys know there's a sentence tab?!? It had become invisible to me. I will rectify this.


Why are people downvoting this? I'm upvoting to try to counter this.


His posts seem to get downvoted a lot.


But the question is why.

Recently I think it's due to a rash of downvote trolls on the forum - possibly one individual with multiple accounts. This specific thread went straight from 0 to -5 votes... and when I reposted it, the new thread went from 0 to -5 votes - as if they same five people read both threads at exactly the same time the first of them found it.

This is much less the case in the older sentences threads (where I am still very active.) Because of the way the Duolingo forums work, these are a lot harder for downvote trolls to penetrate.

Yes, there are occasional downvoted posts. Sometimes people think I should take more care in my specific wording when I answer their questions - and not infrequently I find answers downvoted with no better answers posted. The most curious cases are when people seem to be offended at being told that "mi atendis la kongreson" does not mean "I attended the congress" and so good information gets downvoted.

If you see a post from me and you recognize the information as correct, please give it an upvote.


La plejmulto da duolinganoj pensas, ke vi estas la plej sperta persono tie cxi, kaj ili atendas, kiam vi donos vian kvalitan respondon.


Estas pro mi ke la respondoj estas NUR unu monaton prokrastitaj. Mi estis okupata lastatempe, kaj mi ricevas tro da demandoj en la malnovaj fadenoj ke mi devis preteratenti la novajn.


Ok, me and a friend have spent a couple of hours checking sentances out, answering some and down voting the silly comments/no question ones. If there are no downvotes and numerically only one comment on the post then it is probably still up for answering by a more expert expert. :-) who can give a precise answer/reason. We went back a couple of weeks but don't have the energy to go back further...

[deactivated user]

    I see quite a few sentences with no questions, so it's difficult to know exactly what the problem is. If someone is having a problem or has a question about a sentence, please post a full and clear question to give people something to answer.


    There are a lot of "funny" and "clever comments." There are also a lot of comments like "my answer was marked wrong." There are also a lot of questions. Not all the questions are explained well... but that's kind of how it goes. I do my best to answer in those cases, but yeah. We're not mind readers.


    Sometimes the Duolingo sentence just lends itself to funny / smart comments. For Example: "I am a strawberry." I read four or five "funny" comments before a serious comment appeared on the page.


    Over the summer I decided to go through the Spanish sentence questions and answer fifty questions every day. I ended up putting a decent dent in the questions. Most took about two minutes to answer. I wanted to give back for all that Duolingo gave me.


    Mi provis respondi iom.


    Sorry for the three posts. The first two shot right down to minus five votes and I thought they were deleted.


    I had to hunt hard to even find the Sentences tab. It only showed up if I hit the Esperanto language tab on the right after going to Discussion.


    Personally I am sick of all the downvoting. I think that who ever is doing it is an a** and should be ashamed of themselves! Upvoted!

    [deactivated user]

      I didn't even know this function existed before this post; now I have answered two ^^ I intend to do one every time I log on from now on. Let's get to it ppl, every little helps!

      Mi ne ecx sciis, ke la funkcio "vortaroj" ekzitas antaux cxi tio mesagxo; Mi nun respondantas du ^^. Kiam mi nun ensalutas, mi intencas respondi cxiufoje al unu. Ni iru, homoj, cxiom helpas!


      vortaro = dictionary

      frazo = sentence

      Dankon pro via helpo!


      Too bad our helper is now a "Deactivated User".


      Your help is greatly appreciated. Lingot for you!

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