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  5. "It rains cats and dogs."

"It rains cats and dogs."

अनुवाद:मूसलाधार बारिश होती है।

May 14, 2014

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Cats and dogs means मूसलाधार ?


'Cats and dogs' doesn't literally mean मूसलाधार of course, but it is just an expression in English. These kind of sentences in which you can't make sense by translating each word literally are called 'idioms', or 'मुहावरे' in Hindi. 'It rains cats and dogs' is an English idiom meaning 'It is raining very heavily' or 'It is pouring' or as it is in Hindi, 'मूसलाधार बारिश होती है।'


Shouldn't this sentence be in a special idioms section, then?


I think it is important for the course to cover some widely used idioms outside of the special idioms lessons. These are phrases that you will come across and so you will need to know how to use them. As far as I know most course on Duolingo have a sprinkling of idioms throughout the course :)


But if you plan to teach "It's raining cats and dogs" in a section on Present Continuous, it would really make the most sense to teach the idiom then, as "It rains cats and dogs" is hardly ever used, in my experience. Perhaps I haven't had enough conversations about places where intense rain is a regular thing.


I cannot respond to your response, because the button is not provided, but I would like to say that you might find it on Google, but in 20 years of living in English speaking countries, I don't think I heard the present simple form once.


I agree that the Present Continuous version is definitely more common. However the Simple Present tense is still used. If you search on Google "It rains cats and dogs" (including the quote marks) you can see a wide selections of real uses.


Very healthy discussion...I like it.


यह बारिश बिल्लीयाँ और कुत्ते यह केसा setence hai


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Cats and dog means

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