Angst oder aufschrecken?

In which situations would you use these?

If someone comes up and scares you, which would you use to say "You scared me!"? Which would you use to say, for example, "I'm scared of dogs"? Are they interchangeable?


December 5, 2018


Hi Rose,

aufschrecken means to show a special kind of reaction. So if a child runs into a flog of birds and they are flying up to the sky. 'Das Kind hat die Vögel aufgeschreckt.' Or if you come into a room and the person inside startles so hard that he or she jumps up from the chair. 'Du hast ihn aufgeschreckt'

erschrecken: you scared me - you could say 'Du hast mich erschreckt' or 'Du hast mir Angst gemacht' or 'Du hast mir einen Schrecken eingejagt' Germans have a lot of variations of this sentence depending on how much you are scared.

sich fürchten/Angst haben vor: If you are scared of dogs you could say 'Ich habe Angst vor Hunden' not so common and a little bit old fashioned is 'Ich fürchte mich vor Hunden.'

Best regards, Angel

December 5, 2018


December 5, 2018

you're welcome. you can also look up the word to scare here, maybe it helps you.

December 5, 2018

Furcht: Konkretes Objekt: Ich fürchte das Gewitter. Angst: Kein konkretes Objekt. Schreck: Plötzliche Reaktion.

December 9, 2018
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