"She stores that book for me."

Translation:Dia menyimpankan buku itu untuk saya.

December 5, 2018

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What about "Dia menyimpankan saya buku itu"?


Asking a native speaker, they told me that both Dia menyimpankan buku itu untuk saya and Dia menyimpankan saya buku itu mean the same thing and are correct.


Why is "menyimpan" (without -kan) incorrect?


I don't know for certain; but I speculate that because the languages of Malay and Indonesian are related, because the root /simpan/ can be an adjective in Malay, and because /meN + [adjective] + kan/ is a common way of deriving transitive verbs from adjectives; this results in the verbs also being similarly used and formed in Indonesian.

/meN- + [adjective] + -kan/ is a common verb construction for adjectives as verb roots which usually means something like 'to make/cause the following object to become the quality/condition of [adjective]'.

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