December 5, 2018

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Components of "Namaste":

न = Na

म = Ma

स = Sa

त = T(a)

स + ् = स्

स् = S

स् + त = स्त

स्त = St

स्त + े = स्ते

स्ते = Ste

To type in Hindi using keyboard on PC:

1> Got settings.

2> Select Language and Input settings.

3> Add your desired Language and Input methods. (For Hindi select Hindi keyboard [I select Hindi Traditional Keyboard])

4> If Hindi is not installed on your PC, download the required language and input method.

5> Follow the steps likewise to able to use your selected input.

6> You are ready to use your desired input method.

7> Study the layout of your physical keyboard and open the onscreen keyboard to learn the characters of this input and what they correspond to in your normal keyboard layout. And start practicing typing in this selected layout as you are looking at how your physical layout is and your selected input method.


Thanks for help, that is my first ever word typed in Hindi. I use Android, Gboard, Hindi (India) compact keyboard.


Namasteee to you dr sir also


What is dhanyavaad?


I love these new comic characters :-) Thank you for that

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