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  5. "The First City is on Kronos."

"The First City is on Kronos."

Translation:Qo'noSDaq 'oH veng wa'DIch'e'.

December 5, 2018



Why not "Qo'noSDaq 'oHtaH veng wa'DIch'e'"? Don't we use -taH whenever we are saying that someone or something is located somewhere? "tera'Daq ghaHtaH SuvwI' HoS'e'" for example. Is -taH only used with persons?


There's no rule written in stone, but {-taH} seems to be used for things that might be somewhere else at another time. A city or room will tend to be continuously at that place, but as they don't move it would seem to be superfluous to add the {-taH}.


I saw the same thing with "naqDaq 'oH mara qoq'e'", though. I was thinking that maybe it was only persons.


As kahless62003 has explained, we've never been given a rule, but the tendency seems to be that -taH is only used on the pronoun-as-verb for things that are currently in a location, but expected to move and it is not used for things that are expected to always be in the same location. However, I must admit that we have not always been consistent in this course. Please feel free to report any sentences that do not seem to match the established pattern.

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