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"Mara and Torg place the books on the table."

Translation:raSDaq paqmey lan mara torgh je.

December 5, 2018



If lan has a direct object - paqmey - then why isn't it lulan when Mara and Torg do it?


Because {paqmey} is plural. {lulan} would be for specifying a singular object.


Gotcha. Better go back and review my verb prefixes again. Thanks!


An interesting consequence of the lu- prefix (or lack thereof) in a sentence like this is that it makes the -mey suffix on paq redundant. raSDaq paq lan mara torgh je can only mean "Mara and Torg place [the] books on the table."

It is interesting to reflect on what kinds of nuance can be communicated by including or not including the -mey.


lu- is the one exception to the null prefix pattern. If the subject is third person and the object is absent or third person, then use the null prefix (i.e. no prefix) except if the subject is plural and the object is singular, then use lu-.


I wonder if using -mey along with lan might imply emphasis. For instance: "raSDaq paq lulan'a' mara torgh je?" "ghobe'. paqmey lan." Would that be an example of the kind of nuance that might be communicated there?


I'm not sure emphasis is the right word for what is happening in Klingon there. But that kind of correction is often emphasized in English speech, so I can see why you ask. But the same sentence can be said (in both English and Klingon) without necessarily putting much emphasis on the difference.

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