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Duolingo Hindi Course

In your opinion, just how good is the Hindi course? How does the quality compare to some of the other courses on Duolingo. I've heard some people say specific courses on Duolingo are excellent and complain about the quality of certain other courses here. I started dabbling in Hindi today and found it very interesting.

December 6, 2018



I think the Hindi course was really good. There weren't as much totally useless sentences, which was actually a pity as I collect them. I hope they will add some lessons to Hindi because currently the tree is quite short.


It's too short at the moment, shorter than Japanese course. I tried the first skill and they kind of messed up the pronunciation for some of the alphabets.


I find this course high quality, precise, consistent and professional. It is very clear to me that the course creators put a lot of serious work in it and documented themselves thoroughly. It is a real pleasure to go through the lessons and it was definitely worth the wait.

Of course, there are a few issues here and there but this is perfectly understandable for a course released just last July. I am confident that they will be addressed along the way as we help the team by reporting whenever we think something is odd.

So in all, I am more than happy starting with a small, but robust set of lessons, and see the course grow with the years.

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