Indonesian Beta Suggestions, bugs, and general product feedback for Duolingo.

Hello, Overall, there's a great learning experience here (I'm 17 lessons in, at level 2 on most of them).

However, as a product manager by trade with 6 years language teaching (English in China) and 15 years of language learning (I speak Mandarin fluently... and some Spanish) under my belt, I can't help but give you guys some suggestions...

  1. How do I get Tips and Notes in the mobile app? Seems like a bug that it's missing...and an important one to fix. Some cognitive understanding about what you're about to learn can really help.

  2. I think that whenever I tap an Indonesian word it should speak. And whenever I see an Indonesian word I should be able to tap it. This is part of "getting the language into my head" -- hearing it as much as possible.

The first word in a "tap what you hear" never speaks.

In translate this sentence, the first word doesn't speak if it is capitalized.

You should be able to tap the solution sentence and hear it pronounced.

"Select the correct translation" should speak when tapping the translation

"Correct solution" should speak

"Correct solution" should allow you to tap words for their definitions

  1. Capitalizing a word in the word list is a huge hint that this is the first word in the sentence... is this on purpose?

  2. About learning Affixes... ( Ber- Me- etc)

    The app goes straight into learning affixed words, all of them sound and look the same to the novice. It would be good to first learn a few of the root words before applying affixes. Or to learn them in the affix lessons themselves. Otherwise, we're learning affixed words without the context that these are affixes... it seems illogical.

  3. I think at the beginning of the course, it should ask about my life - my nationality, age, and other key facts that people are likely to ask about, and then weave appropriate words and phrases into the lessons - this will help language learners enter their first conversations confidently.

For example, "I am American", "I am 36 years old", "I am from New York" (the Indonesian lesson is teaching me how to say "I am 10 years old" and "I am Japanese" and "I am from Jakarta"), - this kind of personalization is one thing that you would typically get in lessons and that will bring more joy into learning.

  1. I think that all languages courses should bring in phases about learning the language itself. As a language teacher, I always prioritize teaching these kinds of phrases because they are the key phrases that allow people to learn from native speakers without hopping back to their own native language.

These phrases like "How do you say that (thing over there)" and "How do you pronounce the word " "How do you spell _" and "What do you call that" and "Can we practice speaking Indonesian together" -- they allow the language learner to kickstart a lesson with a native speaker, simply by asking the lady selling oranges at the market "how do you say this one..."

  1. I was getting notifications to practice Spanish, so I deleted my Spanish lessons (I was studying it in 2013), but I am still getting the notifications. Any way to turn them off?

  2. If you are hiring product managers, I'd love to discuss...

  3. My unordered list isn't working, so I had to use the quote... Formatting in this forum seems a little broken and doesn't seem to follow this markdown:

December 6, 2018


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