"ʻO ka lā ʻehia o Ianuali ka lā hōʻike?"

Translation:Which day of January is the show date?

December 6, 2018

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I for one got "wrong word" for not adding redundant "date" after "show."


"What day in January is the show?" same thing, yeah? Why not?


Seems the same to me. Did you get marked wrong? Did you use the report flag and mark "My answer should have been accepted?


I like "What day ..".


I don't understand the difference between "hea" and " 'ehia". Can someone explain me? Mahalo nui!


" 'Ehia" asks for a number or amount, "hea" wants you to choose, "which?"


those words are not there....


Aloha! It seems it is not the only answer. I have used the translation from the word bank, and it was accepted.

So, there are at least two translations here:

  • Which day of January is the show?

  • What day in January is the show?

Are not these sentences meaning the same? Since I am not a native English speaker, I think I cannot be sure about which sentence in English is better. It seems that both sentences work in this exercise. :)


I think most native English speakers would not think anything unusual if they heard the first sentence. But I think most Americans (I can't be sure about others) would say the second sentence.


As a native speaker of English, it's the same to me. And I used the second one and was marked wrong. =(

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