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"Mereka orang miskin, bahkan mereka tidak punya air."

Translation:They are poor people, they don't even have water.

December 6, 2018



mereka itu orang miskin (susah), mereka bahkan tidak punya air


I put the word "even " in to my answer and it states that it is wrong. Now, putting the curser over the work " bahkan" states it means even, should be correct since it is pine of the words that can be selected in the answer


Yes, the word "even" shld be correct, if you put it after the word "don't".


Is this sentence awkward in Indonesian or just english?


So is "..., bahkan mereka tidak punya air" a correct usage of this conjunction or should "bahkan" go after "mereka"? In speech.


nobody uses "bahkan" that is so old and ancient times perhaps that would be used by old people but nobody uses that word!
Just put "Mereka orang miskin, dan mereka tidak ada air" (They are poor people, and they do not have water) if you intend to make a comparison, then put "Kerana mereka orang miskin, mereka tidak mempunyai air" (Because they are poor people, they do not have any water)

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