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  5. "Jua limesimama"

"Jua limesimama"

Translation:The sun has stopped

December 6, 2018



From the following I would interpret it as 'chop chop', 'get moving, 'hurry up', 'move your fat ...'.

Je, jua umelifunga na kamba?: Do you think that you have tied the sun with a rope?

Huharakishi ukidhani jua limesimama likikungoja: You do not hurry up thinking that the sun is standing still waiting for you.


It would be great to have a Tips/Notes section for this topic!


Indeed!! I think this section could have been much more interesting with more indications of the "real" meaning and the literal meaning with further explanations or examples. :/


wonder what is meant by this saying?


i'm thinking it's quite sarcastic!


Does the origin perhaps go back to the Old Testament and Joshua's request for the sun to stop? It might simply mean a long day. In Joshua's case, he wanted a longer day in order to win a battle. In America, we simply legislate Daylight Savings Time. ;-)


The sun is mostly used for brightness, bright future or good luck. So it means that the luck has stopped.

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