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  5. "Roast the breadfruit."

"Roast the breadfruit."

Translation:E pūlehu ʻoe i ka ʻulu.

December 6, 2018



When do you have to add the "'oe" and when not? I can get away with e ho'ā i ke kukui but e pūlehu i ka 'ulu is not accepted


E pūlehu i ka ʻulu is now accepted.


The answer "E kōʻala ʻoe i ka ʻulu" should be accepted. At least, when I hover over the word "Roast", it shows me these 2 verbs: "kōʻala" and "pūlehu".


I've been researching cooking terms in a vain attempt to sort out these terms, and found the both pūlehu and kō'ala can mean broil. Apparently both Broiling and roasting are "cooking under strong, direct heat," but the only difference between broiling with a kō‘ala (grill) and roasting in a pūlehu is that the kō‘ala happens outside.

I've seen nothing in any of the prompts so far to indicate either ma loko o ka hale or ma waho o ka pā.

Also, puhi is bake. So what is the difference between roasting in an oven and baking in an oven?

I don't even understand the differences of the English terms! HOW DO WE KNOW WHAT WORD THE PROGRAM WANTS?

Can you tell I'm not a cook?


What is the real difference between "kōʻala" and "pūlehu?" Both can mean "roasted," yes?


It depends on what youʻre roasting.

Kōʻala is "to broil or barbecue (of meat, fowl, fish)."

Pūlehu is "to broil, as sweet potatoes, breadfruit or bananas placed on hot embers."

Source: http://wehewehe.org/gsdl2.85/cgi-bin/hdict , also: http://ulukau.org/elib/collect/ped/index/assoc/D0.dir/book.pdf

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