2019 Calendar to practise your Dutch with Dutch natives

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So you wanted to meet the natives and create opportunity, for some relaxed and varied conversations in Dutch. Well that's possible. As a tourist in the Netherlands you will easily be addressed in your native tongue or in English. But what if you do not present yourself as a tourist: no city trip or hotel etc....

At the start of the new year your agenda will still offer some free spaces. Here is a small collection of Dutch-conversation opportunities in 2019 for you while visiting the Dutch. NB: Without any commercial intent.

Now you have been looking to the screen long enough, you think? Let's move... Walking events 2019:

and while your here: what about picking oisters yourself from their beds and eating them while sailing the Najade. To name just one of the Sailing events 2019:

You wanted conversation... what do fisherman talk about on a Belgian or Dutch fishingtrip at sea? Seafishing 2019:

To feel Dutch, your bed could be quite important too: Staying 2019:

Meeting people that love festivals is very easy in the Netherlands, it's well filled agenda here. Just book in time: Festival life 2019:

And yes, you did know the Dutch (and Belgians) have worldclass bicycle opportunities! Talking (and singing) is allowed on a biketrip. Cycling 2019:

So why not start scheduling. Have fun! And .... travel by train, people will talk back!

2 months ago

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Another one

CNN travel:
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Groningen: A winning alternative to Amsterdam

Young and hip, Groningen is a winning alternative to Amsterdam.
The canals and classic Dutch buildings are all in evidence, but without the bustling hordes of tourists. The bike is king here, with the majority of journeys taken on two wheels.
The routes are flat and easy, so hire one and head off for an explore. Clamber to the top of the Martini Tower, take a stroll around the Noorderplantsoen park and grab brunch at achingly cool Bakkerij Blanche.

2 months ago
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