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  5. "Oni mają więcej psów."

"Oni mają więcej psów."

Translation:They have more dogs.

December 6, 2018



Why is dogs psów?


Quantifiers such as więcej require genitive


So, just to clarify, wiecej is "more", but not "many"? I am wondering if there is a reccomended place (link) to learn wiecej about genitive, accusative and dative. The other problem is that if you answer me, I dont know how to return to this comment to see the answer. It would be good if we could receive email notifications of responses. Or is that done?


Firstly, I recommend this website: https://mowicpopolsku.com/polish-grammar/#cases - I just need to say that some neuter Genitive examples are wrong. But other than that, it's great.

Secondly, if you happen to see this comment by accident - go to Settings -> Notifications -> check "Somebody responds to a discussion I'm following". I believe that every time you comment in a discussion, it's automatically set as followed. Checking this option means that you'll get a notification for any comment under the given sentence, though. Not just those that are replies to you.

And of course you have to make sure you provided a correct e-mail address.

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