"Nui ka ua i ke kau hāʻulelau."

Translation:There is lots of rain in the fall.

December 6, 2018



Just wanted to note: i did a little experiment to see if they accomodated for some local style translations, and it worked!

"There is plenty rain in the fall" was accepted. :)

I had a hunch because the more direct translation of "nui ka ua" is "rain is plentiful."

I also tried rain is heavy but it was not accepted. (I know there is another word for heavy, however in the sense of rain it's more of an idiom for "a lot").

I'll be testing more translation styles from now on throughout the lessons. Kinda fun :)

March 21, 2019


Ua ʻōlelo au iā: "it rains a lot in the fall"... like a like nā mea.... It should be accepted

December 6, 2018


Consider accepting, "Lots of rain in the fall."

April 30, 2019


E hō‘ike iā lākou alaka‘i.

December 8, 2018


There is a lot of rain in the fall season...ack!

December 14, 2018


I had a feeling "autumn" would be wrong. :-)

December 21, 2018


"Lots of rain in the fall," should also be accepted.

April 14, 2019


That is a phrase instead of a complete sentence, though. There is lots of rain in the fall is a complete sentence.

April 15, 2019
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