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  5. "Kami mau bayar makanan ini."

"Kami mau bayar makanan ini."

Translation:We want to pay for this food.

December 6, 2018



Does bayar mean pay or pay for solely based on context?


What is the difference in English between 'to pay' and 'to pay for' ?
"I pay the meal" <==versus==> "I pay for the meal"


"I pay the meal" means you are giving the money directly to the meal in return for its services. You would say "I pay the restaurant (for providing me with the meal)"


We wouldn't say "I pay the meal", we'd say, "I will (I'll) pay for the meal". Or, "I paid for the meal", when talking about past tense. We can use "to pay" when saying "I want to pay for the meal".

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