"I am twelve."

Translation:Ich bin zwölf.

April 4, 2013

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I suppose this might be related to something other than age, because then you would have to add the expression "Jahre alt" (years old) afterwards, as in: "Ich bin zwolf Jahre alt" (as "I am twelve years old").

But I don't know how rigid this is, maybe you can say just "ich bin zwolf" informally. Some native speaker could help here on this.


Formally, you would indeed say "Ich bin zwölf Jahre alt", but colloquially people often refer to their age like this, just like in English.

[deactivated user]

    I don't even think it's colloquial. It's not ambiguous either. At least I can't think of any other contexts where "ich bin" plus a number would make sense.


    I agree with christian. It's perfectly fine to say 'Ich bin zwanzig' in a job interview. Even if you apply for a job at a very traditional bank.


    Yeah, maybe "colloquial" was the wrong word. My point is that "... Jahre alt" is more proper, but nobody will care.

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