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"I am a Klingon and my name is Torg."

Translation:tlhIngan jIH 'ej torgh 'oH pongwIj'e'.

December 7, 2018



is the "wI" in "pongwIj" similar to the one in "SuvwI'" as to make a verb into a noun?


No. The noun suffixes -wI' and -wIj show that the speaker possesses (or is directly connected with) that particular noun. So you can say, SuvwI'wI' "my warrior".

pong has two versions, a verb and a noun. Using the verb suffix -wI' makes pongwI' "a namer". Using the noun suffix -wIj makes pongwIj "my name". Notice that you can't use the possessive noun suffix -wI' on pong because it is not a big capable of language. However, a pongwI' might be a thing witch gives names or a being who gives names, so either pongwI'wIj or pongwI'wI' might be appropriate.

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