"Julia is Peter's aunt."

Translation:जूलिया पीटर की बुआ है।

December 7, 2018

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Why doesn't Julia get the honorific plural here? An uncle did in a previous exercise.


The honorific plural was not accepted as a correct answer ... Is it correct to use the honorific for "uncle" but not for "aunt"?


Questions in the first Family skill accepted honorific plural for नानी and दादी. I suspect not accepting it for बुआ (मौसी, चाची, ...) here is just an omission.

Report it. If a lot of people report it, they'll fix it.


On honorific: I did चाची हैं and it was accepted! But with the Another Correct Solution of बुआ है so I'm not sure if it's been fixed for that aunt.

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