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German exercise/ course books

I don't know whether this discussion already exists (I scrolled through some of the most popular topics and didn't find it) or if this might be considered uncouth on duolingo territory (if so, I apologise) but I would like some recommendations for good German language text books.

I've done a couple of the German Grammar workbooks (pub. Routledge, ed. Heiner Schenker) and some of the 'Practice makes perfect' series (pub. McGraw Hill) and am looking for something in the 'beginner/intermediate/really-want-to-get-good-at-this' level and am avoiding those written all in English (as are all those mentioned above). In general, I like reading/writing and grammar exercises and am less keen on those cultural/just-for-fun sections that always look a bit 'naff' and are - in my experience - always full of clich├ęs, tourist propaganda and photos of classrooms taken in the eighties. ; ) That being said, I'm not averse to a bit of colour and interesting pedagogy. (It's just that I'm not fourteen.)

Any ideas will be much appreciated!

Yay, Duolingo!

April 4, 2013


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