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"Aia kona hale kūʻai ma uka o ke alanui."

Translation:Her store is upland of the street.

December 7, 2018



We have been using "inland" and "upland" interchangeably, and now suddenly "inland" is wrong? Why? (And for what it is worth, I have lived here many years and have yet to hear anyone give directions and use the term "upland."


does anybody know when to use "aia" vs "he" when saying "is?"


"aia" at the start of a sentence tells where something is. "he" at the start of a sentence tells what something is.


'he" means "a" or "an", "aia" means "is located". if you're ever talking about location, you need aia.


What does upland of the street mean? At a higher elevation than the street? Further up the hill or mountain from the street? Something else?


I dont think this is a proper sentence. What exactly are you trying to say?Her shop is inland on this street. Of this street is definately wrong

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