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"She does not like vegetables and fruits."

Translation:ʻAʻole ʻo ia makemake i ka lau ʻai a me ka hua ʻai.

December 7, 2018



I am having difficulty understanding when to place the pronoun before or after makemake.


‘A‘ole draws the pronoun in front of the verb. This is for all verbs, not just makemake. But it's only for pronouns - a regular noun would stay after the verb.


Me too - similarly, I was taught that ONLY "au" goes between 'a'ole and the rest of the sentence, but apparently DL requires all personal pronouns to follow 'a'ole. Mana'o?


From my native Hawaiian speaker friend:

nā lau 'ai a me nā hua 'ai is CORRECT

(when talking about plural vegetables and fruit)


Why do I need the i in front of lau'ai but not in front of hua'ai? Why do i need the i at all?


In this case the "i" is marking the grammatical object of the sentence. While "ia" is the one doing the liking (and so doesn't have to be marked), the fruit and vegetables are being liked and so must be marked with "i" to indicate their role in this sentence. The "a me" connects the fruit and the vegetables together into one conjoined noun. So they don't each need to be marked with "i" since they are acting as one noun phrase which just needs to be marked the one time.


Can "mai" be used instead of " ‘a‘ole ?"

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