いちにちじょう meaning

I have a sentence I have been trying to get the meaning:


I don't understand what いちにちじょう is, is it everyday, all day, etc?

December 8, 2018


Where did you see that sentence?

Are you sure it wasn't いちにちじゅう?

一 (いち) "one"
日 (にち) "day"
中 (ちゅう) inside, middle, through, thoughout,...

As a suffix, 中 becomes voiced. This means, rather than being ちゅう, it should become ぢゅう. However, to make spelling *easier*, it was changed to じゅう instead in modern Japanese...

「いちにちじゅう」is therefore the word 一日中.

いちにち (一日) is the number "1" (いち) along with the counter for "days" (にち). So the time period "one day", which in English might be said with the indefinite article—"a day"—or the definite article—"the day"—or emphasising the duration—"all day".

じゅう (中), as a suffix, is used to mean "through" or "throughout". Example:

せかい (世界) "world"
+ じゅう (中) "thoughout"
= せかいじゅう (世界中) "throughout the world".


いちにちじゅう = "one" + "day" + "throughout"

In actual English: "througout the day", meaning "over the course of the day", "all the day", "all day long", or "all throughout the day". ^^

昨日 "yesterday"
いちにちじゅう "one day through"
雨が降りました "rained"

"It rained all throughout the day yesterday."

December 8, 2018

Probably, it is 一日常備「いちにちじょうび」but i could be wrong...

December 8, 2018
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