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  5. "Das Mädchen trinkt."

"Das Mädchen trinkt."

Translation:The girl is drinking.

April 4, 2013

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How do I tell what die/das/der to use?


Die-female or plural Das-neutral Der-male Madchen is neutral.


From my dad who learnt German, you cant tell just by looking at the word sadly... the German language revolves a lot around memorization...sorry... there are also the obvious ones though, like Sarah mentioned, but German isnt like the french language... something that could have been feminine in french could easily be masculine or neutral in German.


Why is Madchen consider a neuter word? Isn't that feminine? Madchen means girl...


An answer I posted in another topic: Mädchen is a neuter word, not female. "-chen" makes it neuter and it works as a diminutive > Der Mann (the man) | das Männchen (the little man). An umlaut is added to emphasise a change in sound. Mädchen is now the standard word for girl, but its origin lies in Magd.


so, "the girl drinks and the girl is drinking" is the same meaning in german ?


Yes, in German there is only one present and you can translate it in the two existing in English. And of course on contrary two English sentences in the two present tenses have only a translation in German.


So, the last one said the the child eats an apple, but this one is the girl drinks. How do I know which translation because they both used das.


"Mädchen" means girl. For child you would use "Kind". Did you see these words being used differently?

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