"Warm food and drink."

Translation:Makanan dan minuman hangat.

December 8, 2018

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"Warm food and drink" does not imply "warm drink". Hence, "Makanan hangat dan minuman" should be accepted as the Indonesian tanslation. On the other hand, "Makanan dan minuman hangat" is equally vague, is it only "minuman" that is "hangat" or both "makanan" and "minuman? Translated literally into English, "Makanan dan minuman hangat" means "Food and warm drink". Confused? I don't blame you. One more thing: "drink" should be in plural form i..e. "drinks".


Is there a distinction between using 'panas' and 'hangat' to indicate that something is warm?


Why is makanan hangat dan minuman hangat wrong?


I agree with donny and my answer should be accepted as we don't know the temperature of the drink

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