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  5. "Klingon, I will jump!"

"Klingon, I will jump!"

Translation:tlhIngan, jISup!

December 8, 2018



I'm having trouble with where to put addresses (I don't think that's the correct grammatical term, but I'll explain what I mean) in sentences like "Klingon, I will jump!" or "I am smart, Mara." Basically, I don't have much difficulty with where to put words normally: I just think about what's the subject, object, or verb and I know that Klingon has an object-verb-subject word order. Other things, like where to put "and" or putting two nouns next to each other, I just get used to the pattern. But when there's words that get added to the sentence just to indicate who you are talking to, for example Klingon and Mara in the two sentences above, it seems like I always manage to put them in the wrong place while translating and I can't figure out why I'm having such an issue with it. I think there's got to be a pattern that somehow I'm missing.


Put them in the same place in English and in Klingon. You can put terms of address on either side of a sentence in both English and Klingon, so put them on the same sides when you translate them.

tlhIngan, jISup Klingon, I will jump

jISup, tlhIngan I will jump, Klingon


Thanks! That helps.

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