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I finished my French tree!!!!!!

I finished all 5 levels of all lessons in the French tree. Yeah!!!! I've now finished both the Spanish and French trees. I think I'm going to take a break now. :)

December 8, 2018



Awesome!!!! I'm on my way too!!! your achievement inspires me to keep going!!


Congrats, good job!


Wow, a 1191 day streak!!! :) That's pretty amazing.


Congrats on getting two 25s! Do you think when you come back from your break you'll take the Spanish for French course or it's reverse?


I'm thinking about doing the Spanish reverse tree next.


I did that and really enjoyed it. (My level 19 is from the EN for ES course.) There was vocabulary in it that I hadn't encountered in the ES for EN course. Also, it had me typing in Spanish a lot more than in English, which pushed me to really have to learn the Spanish, rather than just recognize is. :)


That's exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks! I'm definitely going to do it now. I might not even need my break. :)


i'm sorry but what is "reverse tree " ?


That's when you say your language is Spanish and you want to study English, instead of the other way around. You'll get different sentences and vocabulary. I'm going to start it today.


What about French to Spanish or Spanish to French?


Those languages are too close together for me. It messes up my brain.


wembar, I feel you. I'm so close to leveling up in Swedish. But, when I tried to do some, it completely tied in knots all of the Dutch I'd learned. So, I had to stop and just work on Dutch. T_T


I prefer Closer languages: french-spanish, german-englisch, french-portugeese, spanish-italian; the closer the better.


Good question !!, I want to do that because I am taking the class in Italian and French but some times I get confused with some words that looks alike , I think that method can help....Someone has already tried to do that, if so, please can tell us your experience.


Im on my phone so it's hard to follow the nesting order of comments. I think youre asking if people have taken a course consisting of two non-native languages. They have. It's a strategy called "laddering". :D

Often, if the options allow, people here will complete a "Standard tree" course, where their native language is the base language and the target language is what they want to learn. For me, I took Spanish from English.

After finishing that, they do the "Reverse" tree. So, for me, I learned English from Spanish.

Along the way, I also took a Standard course, learning Japanese from English. If there was a Spanish from Japanese or Japanese from Spanish course, I would take that tree. This is a type of "Triangle Laddering" people can do to gain more experience with their target languages.

A second type of strategy just called "Laddering." This strategy is to study a completely new language from one of the learner's target languages. So, for me this could be learning French from Spanish, or French from Japanese. It's learning a totally new language from a previous language one studied here that was a non-native language for the learner. (I hope that description makes sense.)

These are all popular strategies for people who want to keep using Duolingo to further their studies after finishing a tree. It keeps them in contact with their target language(s) longer and in new ways without have to leave Duolingo. :)


usagiboy7...Thank you for your info, it is exactly what I was looking for, I'll try that ....you are very nice...Mercy


So, can I learn French in French? Immersion is so helpful, so I can learn "How do you say this in French?" or "Choose the correct answer." or "Start" or... in French. Any idea if I can do that?


Félicitations, wembar!

[deactivated user]


    Congratulations! A great accomplishment!


    How have you learned all these languages?


    It doesn't mean he learned them, he is just trying to learn them, or just doing it to look cool


    Are you sure about that?


    congrats. the french and spanish are both long ones.




    Five levels of all lessons!!! That's amazing! Congrats!


    Congratulations, I admire your dedication! Please let us know what you think of the reverse tree once you've finished that!


    Congratulations! Toutes nos félicitations!


    very impressive! I hope to finish my French tree next year, but i'm not in a hurry. Well done to you! And hey, same streak! :)


    We do have the same streak! :)


    ¡Si! ¡eso es genial! Felicidades ¿Como lo hiciste?


    Poco a poco cada día como todos tenemos que hacerlo. :)


    That's so cool! And you're doing german too! Wow!


    I wish I could motivate myself to do more German. The logical step for me would be to finish the German tree, but I just don't feel like it.


    The wonderful (or aweful, depending on your perspective, but certainly interesting) thing about German is that it is the only language in the world that has rigid word order AND is highly inflected! FTW!


    But you'll lose your streak. Buy a streak freeze.


    I've lost my streak several times before. I don't really care that much anymore. I think my record streak was something like 330.


    Some learners lose their streak purposely every week or month, just because that's not how they roll. I think the gamification thing is great though. I would love to have a long streak myself, but I have work, obligations, I'm old, all that stupid real-life stuff.


    félicitations! :D


    Amazing! Good job! Fantastic! Super! Awesome! Great!


    Don't take a break. Do French for Spanish speakers :-)


    OMG! How have you completed 5 language trees, nearly English and all of the rest!? Well done! I haven't yet passed Level 15 French for English yet!


    Chevy_Barnes, you're almost there! Only 372XP left to go! You should join the bunny challenge tomorrow, you'll be at level 16 by the end of the week. :D


    Focus on one language at a time, mate. After you finish the first one the others are much easier, especially if you're doing some them from a language that you already know. Also, I take advantage of the Test Out feature a lot. And of course, don't use only Duolingo for language learning. ;-) Try to read news in French at least a few minutes per day, in the beginning, its boring, but after some time you'll see the progress. Use google translate chrome extension to help you with that.


    Oh ok gracias por el consejo lo intentare ahora


    Lol eso es inteligente


    No, no te tomes un descanso ahora! ¡Preueba francés para hispanohablante o español para francés para mejorar tu sistema, o haz amigos con personas que hablan ese idioma y cambia la configuración de tu teclado para ayudar! NO SE RAYA! ¡Creemos en ti!


    Tengo muchos amigos hispanohablantes. Nunca voy a dejar de mejorar mis idiomas. ¡Me encanta el español!


    Well done ! Thats quite an acomplishment in my eyes,french is a hard cookie in my case,I hope to break through the chalanges eventually tho,cuz I really want to speak it well!

    Rest well and come back fresh in pursuit of a new language! :)


    wow! C'est incroyable, ça!


    I checked out your site and I like it, especially the game. Nice work!


    Thanks so much! :)


    Parabéns Wembar! Eu vou te dar alguns lingots como um presente


    Congrats! :) Would you say that you're now fluent in both French and Spanish? How much do you actually get out of a full Duolingo course? Thanks in advance =)


    Duolingo is very helpful, but not everything of course. I spent 3 years living in France and have many hispanic friends I talk to all the time. I also read LOTS of books, listen to music and watch movies and series. Duolingo is just one of my tools.


    Ahhh, ok! Thanks for the reply..


    Asgerfo, Duolingo doesn't advertise as getting people to fluency. It was created to help people get a really good handle of the basics. Using the CEFR rating, if people learn everything in the course, they can reach an A2. They will generally need more listening comprehension and practice speaking to reach a B1. For people learning Spanish from English, the Duolingo Spanish Podcast can help get them closer to B1's listening comprehension requirements. Duolingo's forums offer people an opportunity to ask the community for additional resources that will help them continue to advance. :)


    nice job was it hard :)


    A bit. I learned French when I studied there many years ago and can speak it reasonable, but all the complex grammar stuff wasn't that easy.


    well done. I hope Your French is so well develloped you can save yourself in France. At least, that is my goal. Is is possible to follow a second tree?



    Yes, you can subscribe to as many trees as you want. If your levels and such seem to suddenly vanish, they should return when you change your base language. I think they fixed that a while back though. :)


    formidable! felictacions!!


    Grats! I've got a ways to go. I envy you!


    Congratulations! I am working at it.


    ohh no, never take a break..you'll miss it immediately...


    Wow!! Congratulations!




    Congratulations! I have just started Duolingo, and I hope to finish my French tree someday too. Wish you luck on the Spanish reverse tree!


    Congrats! Keep up the good work (after you have your break! ;) Best regards/SbC




    I finished almost all of the things on my iPad


    3 fois BRAVO !!! maintenant tu peux dire cette phrase aussi vite que tu peux : un chasseur sachant chasser sans son chien est un bon chasseur...


    Est-ce qu'il y a une version pour les végétariens? :)


    alors pour te plaire voila la suivante : Les chaussettes de la duchesse sont-elles sèches ou archi-sèches


    Félicitations !
    Do you have plans to continue your studies outside of Duolingo?

    Well done and my best wishes along your language journey(s).


    I'm doing lots of stuff outside of duolingo. I talk with natives through skype, read books, watch television, listen to music. I love learning languages!


    Magnifique. Est-ce-que vous lire le Francais maintnent. Le Da Vinci Code en Francais is tres bon.


    J'aime bien lire des livres en français, mais maintenant je suis en train de lire beaucoup de livres en espagnol.


    En réalité, je ne lis que Jean-Paul Sartre, plus l'écrivain est érudit, plus il est facile à lire. Ensuite, j'adore William Faulkner et Simon est en quelque sorte un Français Faulkner.


    Salut ngraner, quelques astuces pour ton apprentissage du français. La langue n'est pas capitalisée, tout simplement 'français', tu dois conjuguer la verbe 'lire' en 3eme personne sing. ici 'lisez' et pour la phrase finale, 'bien' fait plus de sens que 'bon'. Bien qu'on dise 'c'est très bon comme livre' il faut dire 'le livre était très bien'. Bonne chance et j'espère que ça aide!


    lisez vous le français maintenant (meanwhile) le da vinci code en français est très bien it seems to be much better like that


    how long did it take you to complete


    Time for Esperanto. For Polyglots Esperanto is a rest.


    Wow :) Congratulations !


    hello you inspire me a lot. vous aidez moi beaucoup

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