"I was forced."

Translation:Saya terpaksa.

December 9, 2018

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Depending on the context, the translation coud be "Saya dipaksa" Example: "Because of the rain I was forced to return" = "Karena hujan say terpaksa kembali". Example: "I was forced to eat sambal" = "Saya dipaksa memakan sambal".


I agree with what donny309620. The problem is, "saya terpaksa" and "saya dipaksa" have a different meaning in Indonesian. But in this context, both answer should be accepted.


What is the difference in meaning between "saya terpaksa" and "saya dipaksa", AdrianPurn1?


"Saya dipaksa (I was forced)" usually used in a condition, when you were forced by someone, to do something that against your will. But in "Saya terpaksa", you have to do something that against your will, but nobody forced you to do that. So that in this context, the translation of "Saya terpaksa" into English will be "I had to".


Thank you very much! Great explanation.

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