"Tini is included in the good children."

Translation:Tini termasuk anak yang baik.

December 9, 2018

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The English sentice is akward/unnatural. How about: "Tini is one of the good children" or "Tini is among the good children"


Or even, "Tini is considered a good child" (going for a meaning based translation here not a word for word one...)


This makes no sense in english....


Tini termasuk di anak anak yang baik? Not sure what part is wrong here.


so what is difference between "bagus" and "baik"?? sometimes it seems to be interchangeable, but sometimes they are not? I'm so confused.


Yes, it is. But 'baik' mostly used to describe a condition. For example: I'm fine. In Indonesian, you say: Saya baik-baik saja (You can't say: Saya bagus-bagus saja). Or in the sentences: Baiknya kamu pergi saja (It's good for you to go).

But when you want to talk about 'how nice the house is', you can say: Betapa bagusnya rumah itu, not Baiknya rumah itu.

So, 'bagus' is used to describe something you can see directly by the eye. Example: Lebih bagus mana? Tas yang ini atau yang itu?

Hope this helps.


I was told 'baik' is for people and 'bagus' is for things


would “termasuk di (dalam) anak yang baik “ be o.k. too like in another sentence “ini tidak termasuk di sini” ?

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