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"Tini is included in the good children."

Translation:Tini termasuk anak yang baik.

December 9, 2018



The English sentice is akward/unnatural. How about: "Tini is one of the good children" or "Tini is among the good children"


Or even, "Tini is considered a good child" (going for a meaning based translation here not a word for word one...)


This makes no sense in english....


would “termasuk di (dalam) anak yang baik “ be o.k. too like in another sentence “ini tidak termasuk di sini” ?


so what is difference between "bagus" and "baik"?? sometimes it seems to be interchangeable, but sometimes they are not? I'm so confused.


Yes, it is. But 'baik' mostly used to describe a condition. For example: I'm fine. In Indonesian, you say: Saya baik-baik saja (You can't say: Saya bagus-bagus saja). Or in the sentences: Baiknya kamu pergi saja (It's good for you to go).

But when you want to talk about 'how nice the house is', you can say: Betapa bagusnya rumah itu, not Baiknya rumah itu.

So, 'bagus' is used to describe something you can see directly by the eye. Example: Lebih bagus mana? Tas yang ini atau yang itu?

Hope this helps.


Bagus is stronger than baik. Baik good bagus great..

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