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"Obat ini akan memperkuat tubuhmu."

Translation:This medicine will strengthen your body.

December 9, 2018



So from what I gather, “memper-” is added to adjectives to form verbs with the meaning “make the object the adjective”? There is a dearth of lesson notes after the first part of the course. Are there plans to change this?


You're right. That's what "memper-" do. But only when "memper- + adjectives", remember that "memper-" is also mixed with some other endings to form other words which then form different meanings than this one. Like, "memper-(word)-kan" for example, "mempertanyakan" (memper-tanya (ask/question)-kan) means "to question". So yes you're right but as long as the "memper-" is not mixed with other endings.

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