"Obat ini akan memperkuat tubuhmu."

Translation:This medicine will strengthen your body.

December 9, 2018

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So from what I gather, “memper-” is added to adjectives to form verbs with the meaning “make the object the adjective”? There is a dearth of lesson notes after the first part of the course. Are there plans to change this?


You're right. That's what "memper-" do. But only when "memper- + adjectives", remember that "memper-" is also mixed with some other endings to form other words which then form different meanings than this one. Like, "memper-(word)-kan" for example, "mempertanyakan" (memper-tanya (ask/question)-kan) means "to question". So yes you're right but as long as the "memper-" is not mixed with other endings.


What is the difference between tubuh and badan?


I stole this from another discussion. "This illness weakens grandmother's body. Penyakit ini memperlemah tubuh nenek. "Badan" is closer to "torso". According to KBBI, "badan" excludes head, legs and arms whereas "tubuh" means the entire body. I prefer "tubuh" in this medical context."


You're wrong. It's not medicine that strengthen your body, but physical exercise and vitamin. You must make a better sentence, Duo.

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