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"tlhIngan jIH'a'? ghobe'. tera'ngan SoH."

Translation:Am I a Klingon? No. You are a Terran.

December 9, 2018



Could this sentence also be translated as "Am I Klingon? No. I am Terran." without the articles? Apparently this answer is also correct, but I was just wondering since it affects word classes


I would suggest thinking of tlhIngan, tera'ngan etc. as nouns only, not as adjectives, and translating them as "a Klingon" etc.

Like English nouns, Klingon nouns can be used as modifiers -- for example, a tlhIngan SuvwI' is a "Klingon warrior", i.e. a warrior who is Klingon, and tlhIngan Hol is "the Klingon language", i.e. the language of the Klingons.

But I don't think you could talk about, say, tera'ngan bIQtIqmey "Terran rivers" -- because the rivers do not belong to Terrans (the people) but rather to Terra (the planet).

So I think that translating tlhIngan jIH as "I am Klingon" is at least potentially confusing, and I'd recommend against it.

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