"They recall that happy feeling."

Translation:Mereka mengenang perasaan senang itu.

December 9, 2018

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Is there a big difference between "mengingat" and "mengenang"? Are they interchangeable or used in different circumstances?


Is there a big difference between "mengingat" and "mengenang"?
Are they interchangeable or used in different circumstances?

'mengingat' is to recall with your head.
'mengenang' is to recall with your heart as well.

That was the short answer.
Below is the longer version with the KBBI definitions.


kenang/ke·nang/ v,
mengenang/me·nge·nang/ v
(selalu) membangkitkan kembali dalam ingatan; mengingat-ingat; membayangkan:
tidak perlulah kita selalu ~ kisah sedih pada masa lalu;

mengenang = to awaken in your memory; to keep remembering ; to imagine.

'Tidak perlulah kita selalu mengenang kisah sedih pada masa lalu.'
'No need for us to always recall sad stories from the past.'

Another related word to remember is :
'kenang-kenangan' = 'memories', 'souvenir', 'keepsake'.


mengingat/meng·i·ngat/ v
1 ingat (akan):
jangan hanya ~ uangnya saja;
2 memperhatikan; memikirkan; menilik (dengan pikiran):
selalu ~ kepentingan nusa bangsa;

mengingat = to remember ; to pay attention to; to think about.

'Jangan hanya mengingat uangnya saja.'
'Don't just only think about the money.'

'Selalu mengingat kepentingan nusa bangsa.'
'Always think about the interests of the nation.'

Both verbs can be translated with 'to remember' or 'to recall', but 'mengenang' contains an emotional aspect.
That is what I meant with 'to recall with your heart.'


Saya mengenang perasaan yang bahagia itu was marked wrong


In this context, "recall" and "remember" are interchangeable in English.

[deactivated user]

    I think recall is better.


    Is there anything that would make /Mereka mengenang perasaan bahagia itu./ a less preferred or inaccurate way of translating this English sentence into Indonesian? Are /bahagia/ and /senang/ nuanced differently in meaning or usage somehow, or else are they one-to-one synonyms?

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