"Kamu hanya memperburuk suasana hatiku."

Translation:You only worsen my mood.

December 9, 2018

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Why is the word "memperburuk" pronounced as "menyeperburuk"? If I heard it correctly.


The circumstances of my liver.

  1. "hanya" is "only" or "just". Why isn't "just" accepted?

  2. Can I say: "you only SPOIL my mood"?


As it's been so long without an answer, I will put in my non-native 5 cents. I also put "spoil" and it was not accepted. I think the reason will be the idea that "memper" verbs increase a state. So the English needs to imply that the mood wasn't good in the first place.

'memper-' ==> 'the state before was already like the [base word], now the [base word] is there in a higher degree'.



Why was "you only make worse my mood " not accepted


It might be ok in a poem but it's not normal English to place "worse" in that position.

"You only make my mood worse" is correct English. "You just make my mood worse" is correct English.

But from your name, Bill, aren't you a native English speaker?

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